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Our Tree houses

Our tree houses

(or as the French say "cabanes dans les arbres")

Tree-house breaks are rare in England at present, but are popular in France. We have six very large tree-houses with 2 in one enormous tree !

They are incredibly safe with security netting on the terraces and staircases surrounding and proper doors and gates. They are therefore open to children from the age of 2. 

On site

we provide a wonderful opportunity to experience the wonders of nature up close, deep in the countryside and perhaps also a chance to relive a small part of our childhoods.

They are beautifully designed and built by professionals around an individual tree. They are very tree-friendly and checked yearly by the tree expert.

Each is very different ranging from 4m high to 16m high and cater for all. The Sunset (11m) and Paradiso (at 16m) are ideal for couples looking for a romantic break.

Families with small children will love the Fermette (4m) with the farm animals just below

For larger families the large "Echauguette" at 8m sleeps 5 (with its mezzanine for children it could fit 6) while the "Chêne Fou" offers groups and large families (or often we find 2 families) an incredible experience together in probably the largest treehouses in one tree in the whole of France.

Importantly each treehouse is nicely isolated from the others and hidden in the branches and leaves so you will not be disturbed by others, except by the birds of course.

A night in a tree-house

There is nothing quite like spending a night in a tree-house and waking to the sounds of nature. There are deer, wild boar, partridges, pheasants, hares, rabbits, birds of all shapes and sizes, owls, frogs etc etc here.

The tree-houses are large. They each have a double bed (the chene fou has 2 in its 2 tree-houses) and single beds where they accommodate more than 2. The beds are made of wood, built in and raised so you are not sleeping on the floor. There are smaller pull-out beds for small children. Each has a very good mattress and we supply pillows and good quality disposable sheets and pillow cases. Guests usually bring their sleeping bags/duvets but we will supply duvets, sheets and towels for a supplement.

There is no running water in the tree-houses and so the loos are organic dry toilets. They are very clean and do not smell as they have a sawdust base. Very simple and very organic. Guests tend to use them in the night and use the flush loos on site at other times. We have showers too on site to freshen up after a night in the trees.

The children love them and for adults, although often unsure at first, have an even better time than the children!

The Perche region
is perfect for exploring. The Perche is a stunningly beautiful region and a protected natural park. Forests, lakes, manors and chateau abound and you can walk, cycle, go horse-riding, play golf, fish etc and of course enjoy the delight that is Norman french cuisine.

There are trips slightly further afield you can do from a base here. A day out in Paris (shopping; seeing the sites); a trip to Monet's gardens; Le Mans for racing; the Normandy beaches; the cathedral at Chartres are just a few examples.

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