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Eating here (2)

Picnic hampers


We offer picnic hamper style dinners at La Grande Noe rather than formal dining. The hampers consist of excellent, fresh local produce, served cold.



Menu des Loups (24 Euros)

The Chef's Terrine
chicken leg, mixed season vegetable salad
Goats cheese (local)
Green Salad
Pudding of the day


Percheron Menu (24 Euros)

Terrine and local meats
Pork mignon and season vegetables
Green Salad
Normandy Tartelette



Fish Menu (26 Euros)

Smoked salmon opéra
fish of the day with season vegetables
Green Salad
Normandy Tartelette




Menu for kids (-10)

Sandwich ham and butter, cornichons, crisps, Éclair au chocolat (8.50€)
Plateau froid des Petits Loups (chicken breast and mixed season vegetable salad, pudding of the day) (13 €)



Drinks to accompany your meal
Organic red, rosé or white wine -50cl 6€
Percheron Cider 75cl 6€
Champagne 75cl 32€
Champagne 1/2 bottle 20€
Homemade apple juice 1L 4€
(accompanied by "biscuits apéritif")
Our menus change regularly.




Your dinner is delivered to your tree and attached to a pulley allowing you the pleasure of pulling it up to your terrace and eating on your terrace or in your treehouse!
The meat and terrines are best quality and local and are prepared by a local award-winning delicatessen butcher called "Pallu" in Longny-au-Perche (5km).

The goats cheese is local, also hand-made and unpasteurised.

The desserts are made by our patisserie, "L'Aurore du Pain" in Longny-au-Perche. Our patissier produces fantastic award-winning desserts that you will adore.


The "Loup menu" is homemade from local and fresh produce, by the "bistrot des Loups" in Longny-au-Perche (5km). You can also eat there for lunch (tuesday to Sunday) or diner (Friday-Saturday), in the lovely typical French Brasserie, our favorite restaurant!


We have a good selection of drinks to accompany your meal. A lot of research has gone into finding these. For champagne, try our family favourite, Potel Prieux. A small manufacturer of fine champagne and very reasonably priced.
For red, rosé and white wine, we offer organic! 
The cider is made from the apples of the orchards of Mr Thierry Charron in Rémalard. A finer cider you will struggle hard to find. Mr Charron is a small producer who knows his apples! Very sparkly and tasty.
Our own apple juice is equally as good, unfiltered and of course organic.


Last update : 27/11/2018